Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rhertorical Context, Good Ideas, and Dissonance

Hi, there! Tonight we're going to do a lot of things, as usual.

  1. I'll return your summaries to you and discuss ways that they could have been improved.
  2. I'll explain the concept of "rhetorical context," using the article you summarized as a means to explain it. One of the most important things you should get out of tonight's class is a better understanding of the terms "rhetorical context" and "rhetorical situation."
  3. I'll show you where to find the article that you must summarize for next week, and point out the criteria again on how I'll grade these (25 pts. total).
  4. You'll take a look at the blog page that will now be online and see if your link works, perhaps comment on a few other people's blog entries.
  5. We'll talk about the concept of "Dissonance" and how it is related to getting good ideas for your papers.
  6. We'll go over the handouts "Framing a Good Guiding Question" and "Looking for Good Key Words."
  7. I'll introduce you to the databases and start with the basics of how to search them, including how to make the citations convert to MLA or APA style.
  8. You should make Entry #3 on your blog be 3 paragraphs about your 3 top choice topics.
  9. I'll show you what I want you to do for Entry #4 (convert the bibliographic style to proper disciplinary--MLA and APA styles).
  10. Assignment: Complete Entry #3, Make entry #4, Read chs. 5 and 6, and start locating sources from databases and the Internet.

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